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Other Publications

2011 Catalog Salon Artists of the World, Cannes, France  


2010 Catalog Spirit of the Arts Fair, Corum, Montpellier

2009 “Sm’art” Salon Catalog, Aix en Provence, France

Catalog Siete pintores del Caribe Colombiano, Museo de America, Madrid, Spain

2008 Catalog and advertising posters "Salon d'Automne de La Grande Motte", France

2004 Calendar of the “Cerrejon” company Two visions of Caribbean Art, Barranquilla, Colombia

Poster of the Carnival of Barranquilla, Colombia

2000 Catalog of the "Europ'Art" Fair, Geneva, Switzerland

1997 Catalog Bancafè, Barranquilla Colombia  

1993 Catalog of the Art Fair MIAMI 93, USA

1992 Catalog of the fair "Europ'Art Geneva", Switzerland

1990 Poster for the company Indugraco, Cartagena, Colombia

1988 Calendar for the Indugraco company “Tribute to the Palenqueras”, Cartagena, Colombia    


1986 Calendar for the company “Intercor-Carbocol”, Barranquilla, Colombia 

Schedule for the Atlantico Lotto, Barranquilla, Colombia

1985 Poster of the 4th Caribbean Music Festival, Cartagena, Colombia

Schedule for Atlantico Lotto, Barranquilla, Colombia

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