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Who is Rosario Heins?

Born in Barranquilla in Colombia in 1957, she attended the School of Fine Arts in her hometown and for forty years she has participated in numerous exhibitions: Switzerland, United States, Chile, Spain, Colombia, etc... She has been living in the Hérault for fifteen years, the painter but regularly returns to her native country to draw her sources of inspiration there. She is particularly fascinated by the world of street vendors who offer beach items in particular. Through her paintings, she delivers a joyful and colorful vision but imbued with social reality.

The joy of living as a legacy.

In her paintings, Rosario Heins, who was born near the sea, summons her memories with pleasure and nostalgia, restoring the colors, shapes, flavors and almost the scents of the Colombian beach, where she spent much of her life. childhood and where she returns every year. His work focuses on light. His painting is joyful. “Representing my country gives me energy. I like to dance, at the same time as I paint, on salsa, percussion... It puts me in the mood. I maintain this joie de vivre by returning to Colombia every year to take part in the carnival. I dress up and dance. It is this spirit that we find in my paintings. It is my identity, my source of energy and my inspiration,” she explains.

Rosario Heins (crédit photo : Caroline Geolle)

Multicolor social paint

His paintings feature street vendors carrying a stack of buoys and beach balls or flip-flops, or even stalls selling sunglasses. The aesthetic interest is obvious, given the appeal that the varied and playful shapes and bright colors of beach items can exert. But the subject is also social, because Rosario Heins focuses on the informal workers of his country. “I paint what we call at home “la débrouille” or the D system, through all these courageous people who struggle to survive despite poverty. They are very generous. Smiling, they laugh and dance. Their joy is contagious,” she raves. Rosario Heins manages to extract and reveal the beauty of a universe that is not always rosy. His attention to detail is remarkable.

Virginia Moreau


Master in Plastic Arts and Painting. School of Fine Arts, Barranquilla, Colombia


Sculpture, School of Fine Arts of Cartagena, Colombia


Engraving, School of Fine Arts of Cartagena, Colombia


Engraving, master Humberto Giangrandi, School of Fine Arts of Cartagena, Colombia

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